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​New slimming method

Image diagram of parabolic slimming method

The biggest features of Pyrasword, the latest slimming method first introduced in Nagasaki, are:

① Fat burning ② Pressure exercise ③ Myofascial release ④ Drainage ⑤ Improved blood flow ⑥ Whole body beautiful skin ⑦ Decomposition of fat cells/cellulite

​This is a cutting-edge slimming method that can perform all of these treatments at the same time.

​▼ Perform all functions at the same time. ▼



​Cellulite decomposition

​Beautiful skin

​Applies vibration and heat to fat cells to promote lipolysis.

​You can expect a skin-beautifying effect due to the tightening effect of ultrasonic waves and the increase in collagen.




​Fat burning & compression

​Body making

​Treatment for inner muscles.

​ Automatically measures the thickness of the fat layer and approaches deep muscles.
​Strong muscle exercise will lead you to your ideal body line.




​Myofascial release


​A machine shaped like a sword is used.

​Capillary blood flow increases and lymph flow improves. It helps improve symptoms such as coldness and hot flashes, which are common in women.

​Experience evolution.

Special menu plan-1

1 part

Upper arms, stomach, back (upper), waist,

Thighs (front), thighs (back),

Calf, please choose one part from ​.

7,480 (tax included)

Special menu plan-4

​Whole body

Upper arms, stomach, back (upper), waist,

​Thighs (front and back), calves

19,800(tax included)

Special menu plan-2

Special menu plan-3

​2 parts

upper body

​lower body

Upper arms, stomach, back (upper), waist,

Please choose two parts: thighs (front), thighs (back), and calves.

9,900(tax included)

<Upper body plan>

​ Upper arms, stomach,

​Back (top), waist

<Lower body plan>

​thighs (front and back), calves,​waist

13,200(tax included)



slimming lymph

・​Slimming lymph 20 minutes

1,870(tax included) ~

・​ Slimming lotion (Vakarma) application

1 part  ¥Five50(tax included) ~

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