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A popular man is beautiful

A safe, secure and clean salon supervised by a dentist

At The Relax Salon, located on the 5th floor of the Nagasaki Prefectural Bus Terminal in front of Nagasaki Station in Nagasaki, we are knowledgeable about your body.Unique relaxation and anti-aging salon in the country supervised by a dentistis.All treatments use 100% camellia oil from Nagasaki Prefecture.using.

The owner, who is a dentist, also performs the treatments himself. Experience the ultimate relaxation.


​Lord course

Treatment image

[Course content]

​ *Amounts include tax.

Whole body aroma (back)  40 minutes 

Facial lymphatic massage  20 minutes

Electroporation 20 minutes

Superb head spa   10 minutes

Total 90 minutes ¥11,110 (tax included)

*Women can also undergo treatment

full body aroma massage

aroma massage image
​ *Amounts include tax.

The fatigue of the day will disappear within the same day.

[Course content]

  40 minutes    ¥3,740 (tax included)

  60 minutes    ¥5,610 (tax included)

  90 minutes    ¥8,415 (tax included)

120 minutes  ¥11,220 (tax included)

*You can choose the aroma scent.

*Can be adjusted in 10 minute increments.

​ *Can be combined with other menus.

This is the point of full body aroma massage!

Points of aroma massage

Front side

aroma massage image


·disposableboxer shortsWe have available.

​・For men, the red partIt is a treatment. please note that.

・If you wish, you can mix your favorite essential oil.

​・Citrus scents are also popular among men.

*It is also possible to treat with oil alone without adding fragrance.

・Depending on how tired you are, treatment once every 1 to 2 weeksWe recommend.

Small face lymphatic massage + electroporation

Small face lymphatic massage image

Highly recommended for those who are concerned about wrinkles on their face.

​ *Amounts include tax.

[Course content]

・Small face lymphatic massage 40 minutes+electroporation(Hyaluronic acid) 20 minutes

¥8,140 (tax included)

・Small face lymphatic massage 40 minutes+ Electroporation

  (Hyaluronic acid + placenta) 20 minutes

¥9,790 (tax included)

Wrinkle explanation


・Electroporation (hyaluronic acid)

20 minutes  ¥4,950 (tax included)

・Electroporation (hyaluronic acid + placenta)

20 minutes ¥6,600 (tax included) 

・​Hydrafacial (T-zone/under chin focus pore cleaning)

 10 minutes  ¥4,400 (tax included) ~

​・Hydrafacial (face or body pore cleaning) 

20 minutes  ¥8,250 (tax included) ~

This is the key point of the facial menu!

Facial menu points

Face, neck, shoulders, eyes (wrinkles), smile linesRecommended if you are particularly concerned about this.

Shoulders, neck, upper arms, around the shoulder bladesAfter a thorough lymph massagefaceThis treatment will leave your upper body feeling refreshed. We will treat your face to the eyes and forehead.

Improvement of dark circles, dullness, sagging, age spots, and wrinklesTo,electroporationis recommended.

[What is electroporation treatment]

Electroporation effect image

By safely applying electrical pulses using electroporation technology, we increase the penetration rate of beauty ingredients.

It temporarily creates gaps between cells, allowing necessary ingredients to be delivered directly to the basal layer and dermal layer.

It is said to allow beauty ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and placenta to penetrate deep into the skin, approximately 6mm to 7mm.

​Hyaluronic acid can be introduced in just 15 minutes, and unlike ultrasound and iontophoresis, it can be introduced deep into the epidermis and into the subcutaneous tissue.You can immediately feel the lift and whitening effect.

``The feeling of it sticking to your skin feels like never before. ”

Finally, cryo (cooling) is performed to tighten pores and lock in beauty ingredients.

​After the treatment, your facial expression will become softer, and you will feel moisturized and lifted.

*If possible, please shave your beard before coming. It can be introduced efficiently.

Full body relaxing massage

Image of a full body relaxing massage

Relaxes tired muscles

​ *Amounts include tax.
​ *Do not use oil while fully clothed.

[Course content]

30 minutes upper body or lower body

¥2,805 (tax included)

60 minutes whole body

 ¥5,610 (tax included)

90 minutes full body care

 ¥8,415 (tax included)

This is the key to a full body relaxing massage!

Change of clothes(Short sleeves and short pants) available.

Steam-warming eye mask (optional: ¥220)tax included) by applying it during the treatment,muscles around the eyesIt loosens the skin and increases the effectiveness of the treatment.

that dayTired partsPlease inform the staff.

We will focus the treatment on tired areas.

​ Treatment once a weekWe recommend.

Superb head spa + hair growth electroporation

Head spa treatment image

​For those who don't want to tell people that they are growing hair

​ *Amounts include tax.

[Course content]

Superb head spa 20 minutes +

Hair growth electroporation 20 minutes​ Total 40 minutes

Regular price ¥6,270 (tax included)

*Head massage and hair growth electroporation can also be used alone.

This is the point of the best head spa!

Growing hairThose who don't want to tell people.At our storewithout anyone noticingYou can expect a hair growth effect.

The effect isAbout 2 weeksTherefore,Treatment twice a monthbutIdealis.

During the finest head spa,steam eye mask (option By using together with ¥220 tax included),You can relax more than ​.

foot massage

Foot massage image
​ *Amounts include tax.

The calf is the “second heart”

[Course content]

Soles or calves 20 minutes

¥1,870 (tax included)

Soles or calves 40 minutes

¥3,740 (tax included)

​* Can be adjusted in 10 minute increments.


​Foot moisturizing pack 10 minutes

¥1,100 (tax included)

This is the key to foot massage!

​We will wipe the area with alcohol, so please do not worry about getting dirty.


The treatment will be performed in a supine position.


A change of clothes (pants) will be provided.


Stimulates the reflex areas on the soles of your feet. I recommend the one where the pain feels good.


Please refrain from participating if you have athlete's foot or injuries to your feet.


​You can experience the lightness of your feet after the treatment.

For inquiries to The Relax Salon, please click here.

Inquiries to The Relax Salon

無事送信されました。(It has been sent.)

​ Thank you for taking the time to reply. If you are in a hurry, please call us.

A space full of luxury

The best hospitality in a luxurious space

<Business hours>

Weekdays and Saturdays / 10:30 - 20:30

(Last reception 19:30 *Depends on the menu.)


Sundays and holidays / 10:00 - 19:00

(Last reception 18:00 *Depends on the menu.)


Store holidays: 12/30 - 1/3, 8/15

*Men can also undergo treatment

*Reservations are given priority, 2 to 3 people can be treated at the same time.

Please contact us by phone.


<Store details>


​5F Kotsu Kaikan Building, 3-1 Daikokucho, Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture (in front of Nagasaki Station)

​ *There is a nearby paid P. *Same-day reservations possible.

The Relax Salon entrance
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