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​Slimming/parabolic slimming method treatment

Parabolic slimming method image


​We have introduced the latest slimming method "Pyrasword" which is a hot topic in the beauty industry.

​ Experience its innovative and excellent effects for yourself.

Parabolic slimming image
Characteristic image of Pyra Sword

What is the parabolic slimming method?

Body makeup that cuts the body

bodyBody makeup to look like a swordTo do.

with a swordshave off fatIt's an image like that.

​7 treatments will be performed at the same time.


fat burning

​pressure movement

​Myofascial release

​Improvement of blood flow


​Beauty skin

​Cellulite/fat cell decomposition

Features of Pyra Sword

​Feature 1 ~ Parabolic Melt ~

Parabolic slimming treatment image

Promotes lipolysis by applying powerful vibrations and heat to fat cells.

​It promotes the tightening effect of ultrasonic waves even on the epidermis and dermis layer, and you can also expect beautiful skin effects by increasing collagen.

​Compared to high-intensity focused ultrasound equipment, it is possible to treat an area tens of times larger,A wide range of treatments can be performed in a short period of time.

Image of parabolic melt

Cellulite accumulates around fat cells, which impedes the flow of lymph fluid and capillaries, negatively impacting the epidermis and dermis.

Image of parabolic melt 1

This kind of condition is

Cold/Rough skin

It can also cause ​.

MELT oscillation

Image of parabolic melt 2

The size decreases due to the shrinkage of fat cells and the removal of cellulite and waste products.

In addition, the production of collagen and improved blood flow create elastic, transparent and beautiful skin.

Image of parabolic melt 3
Image of parabolic melt 4

Promotes lipolysis by applying powerful vibrations and heat to fat cells.

Capillaries run between fat cells in the subcutaneous tissue.

​However, it is compressed by enlarged fat cells and cellulite, which obstructs blood flow.

​ Ultrasonic waves also tighten the epidermis and dermis and promote collagen growth, leading to beautiful skin. ​

​Feature 2 ~ Parabolic antenna ~

<What is a parabolic antenna>

A parabolic antenna is originally a bowl-shaped antenna that uses a rotating radial surface as a radio wave reflector.

​Special electromagnetic waves are sent to the body from the center of the machine, and the reflected electromagnetic waves are caught to instantly measure the thickness of the fat layer.

Fat thickness expressed in 12-step slide display and numbers

Approximately 3mm fat thickness per memory

parabolic slimming device

<Pulse signal>

A pulse is a phenomenon in which the flow of blood or the value of voltage changes rhythmically, like a pulse or heartbeat.

A special pulse signal is used to forcibly contract shallow muscles as well as deep muscles that cannot be moved by themselves.

Equipped with burst waveform technology that is designed to penetrate smoothly into the skin without discomfort.

​It is programmed to perform strong exercises without pain.

Parabolic antenna image
Frequency adjustment according to the depth of the fat layer
Detects the depth of the fat layer
Frequency adjustment according to the depth of the fat layer

​ Information received by the parabola is sent to the upper and lower electrodes.

The frequency changes and transmits in real time depending on the thickness of the fat.

Parabolic antenna treatment image 1

Changes the depth at which the current enters in real time according to the measurement results

parabolic therapy

​ *When the sensor part is not touching your body, the current continues to flow based on the depth of the last contact.

​Feature 3 ~ Pressurization & light rub drainage ~ Sword shape machine

Pressure & light rub drainage, sword shape machine image

​One of the major features of the PYR SWORD is the shape of the machine.

As the name suggests, it has an impressive sword-like shape, and it can be used to treat the customer's body line and release myofascia quickly and effectively.

​Inner muscles are treated by applying pressure using medium frequency waves linked to automatic fat layer measurement and stagnant blood flow. The amount of oxygen in the blood decreases and a heavy load is placed on the muscles, which causes the brain to secrete growth hormone.

​This allows blood to flow into capillaries that are not normally used, improving symptoms such as coldness and hot flashes, which are common in women.

​Innovative slimming method created by Pyrasword​

Parabolic slimming method

Aesthetics technology has continued to evolve at an unprecedented rate in recent years.

Currently, various slimming treatments such as cavitation, radiotherapy, and suction are being carried out. These treatments are effective treatments that take advantage of their characteristics. The ``parabolic slimming method'' introduced here is a revolutionary method that not only reduces fat using a machine and drains it into the lymph nodes, but also ``burns fat at the same time'' to achieve a more effective slimming effect. It's a viable way to lose weight.

​<Customer feedback>

  • ``After the treatment, my sore muscles and sluggish legs felt refreshed, and I felt an immediate effect.''Mr. N, 30s

  • "I had it added to my bridal beauty salon. My upper arms are thinner than ever before, and I can wear dresses beautifully, so I'm very satisfied." I, 30s

  • ``I immediately felt the tightening effect, and my skin also became beautiful.It automatically measures the thickness of fat and changes the power according to the thickness.It's amazing. ”Mr. S in his 40s

  • “There was no pain, and the treatment was done on a warm, far-infrared mat, so it felt good, and I felt warm even after it was over.”Mr. I, 50s

​ Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about the treatment.

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