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small face lymphatic massage

small face lymphatic massage
​ *Amounts include tax.

Promotes lymphatic flow and lifts up the face size

・40 minutes ¥3,740 (tax included)

・60 minutes ¥5,610 (tax included)

*Treatments can be performed for 20 minutes or more. You can adjust it in 10 minute increments.

*In addition to your face, we will also perform lymphatic massage on your décolletage, upper arms, and around your shoulder blades.

​ *Moisturizes with camellia oil.

Moisturize with camellia oil
​ *Amounts include tax.


Electroporation (hyaluronic acid) 20 minutes

¥4,400 (tax included)

Electroporation (hyaluronic acid + placenta) 20 minutes

¥6,050 (tax included)

Electroporation treatment
​ *Amounts include tax.

​Hydro skin (T-zone/under chin focus pore cleaning) 10 minutes

¥4,400 (tax included) ~

hydro skin​(face or body pore cleaning) 20 minutes

¥8,250 (tax included) ~

Various packs 20 minutes each

¥2,200 (tax included) ~

fat-dissolving phosphatidylcholine

¥3,300 (tax included) ~

This is the point of The Relax Salon!

Electroporation uses electronic perforation to introduce hyaluronic acid and placenta without using a needle. Promotes improvement of nasolabial folds/spots/wrinkles/dullness/sagging.

THE RELAX SALON uses the following equipment:This is a highly functional beauty device made in Japan that includes electroporation, EMS, LED, high frequency, and cryo (cooling and tightening effect) functions to improve your skin from deep within.The next day's makeup style is different..

[What is electroporation treatment]

Electroporation effect image

By safely applying electrical pulses using electroporation technology, we increase the penetration rate of beauty ingredients.

It temporarily creates gaps between cells, allowing necessary ingredients to be delivered directly to the basal layer and dermal layer.

It is said that beauty ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and placenta can penetrate deep into the skin, approximately 6mm to 7mm.

​Hyaluronic acid can be introduced in just 15 minutes, and unlike ultrasound and iontophoresis, it can be introduced deep into the subcutaneous tissue of the epidermis, so you can immediately experience lift-up and whitening. I can.

full body aroma massage

Full body aroma massage image
​ *Amounts include tax.

​Recovers from whole body fatigue and prevents swelling. Moisturizing with camellia oil.

· 40 minutes

· 60 minutes

· 90 minutes

・120 minutes​

¥3,740 (tax included)

¥5,610 (tax included)

¥8,415 (tax included)

¥11,220 (tax included)

*Can be added in 10 minute increments.

This is the point of The Relax Salon!


Original blend essential oil is now available.

You can choose your favorite aroma scent.

You can enjoy relaxation while being surrounded by your favorite scent depending on your mood that day.


Lavender, clary sage, bergamot, horwood


Grapefruit, rosemary, juniper berry, patchouli

Best head spa

Head spa treatment image
​ *Amounts include tax.

There are pressure points all over the body​Massage the scalp

・20 minutes ¥1,870 (tax included)~

​* You can add in 10 minute increments.

​We will apply a hair treatment that does not get wet or rinse off.


  • Crackle carbonated head spa 5 minutes ¥550 (tax included)

  • Steam-warming eye mask *Choose from 5 different scents. ¥220 (tax included)

(Chamomile, rose, lavender, yuzu, mint)

  • Ikumo electroporation 20 minutes ¥4,400 (tax included)

This is the point of The Relax Salon!

*It is attracting a lot of attention at the World Hair Association as it activates hair roots.”Hair growth agent containing hot spring yeast” to keep your scalp clean and conditioned without putting any strain on your scalp.

Electroporation activates the hair growth environment with deep and quick penetration.

*Hair growth products are sold in-store. Please feel free to let us know. 

​Foot massage

Foot massage image
​ *Amounts include tax.

Recovers from fatigue and relieves swelling

・20 minutes ¥1,870 (tax included) Sole or calf

・40 minutes ¥3,740 (tax included) Sole + Calf​

​*Can be added in 10 minute increments.


・Footbath 5 minutes ¥550 (tax included)

・Foot moisturizing pack 15 minutes ¥1,100 (tax included)

hand massage

hand massage image
​ *Amounts include tax.

Give your hands, which are overworked every day, a break.

・20 minutes ¥1,870 (tax included)~

​* You can add in 10 minute increments.

*The treatment will be performed while you are lying down, and we will carefully massage your area from below your elbows to your fingertips.


・Moisturizing pack 15 minutes ¥1,100 (tax included)

This is the point of The Relax Salon!

"hand"In addition toeyeorshoulderRecommended for improving fatigue.You can feel the effects even in a short time.

*We use camellia oil for the treatment.

Full body relaxing massage

Full body relaxing massage
​ *Amounts include tax.

Relax tired muscles

·half an hour Upper body or lower body

¥2,805 (Tax included)


·60 minutes Whole body​

¥5,610 (Tax included)

​・90 minutes Thoroughly complete the whole body

¥8,415 (tax included)

​*No oil is used.

​*Can be added in 10 minute increments.

Please leave your clothes on. You can relax your tired muscles and feel refreshed.

​* Change of clothes is also available.

​Maternity lymphatic massage

maternity lymphatic massage

・60 minutes  ​¥8,250 (tax included)

​・90 minutes ​¥11,000 (tax included)

Pregnant women between 20-35 weeks

​We will treat you in a comfortable position & with special oil.

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