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For customers considering the bridal menu

We are open on the 5th floor of the Kotsu Kaikan Building in front of Nagasaki Station in Nagasaki.


How are you spending your time in these days of intense heat?

This blog will provide detailed information regarding the bridal menu.


Diversification of bridal services


Thank you for always visiting.

Recently, we are very happy to have more bridal customers.

In recent years, even if the wedding ceremony is held, the number of people is small, or photos are taken with just the two of them. Recently, we have realized that the number of wedding guests is increasing.

In order to accommodate the diversification of wedding ceremonies, we offer services tailored to each individual. We will plan the bridal menu, discuss it with the bride, and get her approval before we begin.


Features of our bridal beauty salon


At our bridal beauty salon, we first ask brides to fill out a counseling sheet specifically for them. Masu.

The date of the wedding ceremony and pre-photo shoot, budget, frequency of visits, shape of dress (if not decided yet) , please let us know your ideal dress)

For example: For bride 1

A-line dress, the wedding is in 3 months and I want to do something about my upper arms and thighs. The budget is about 10,000 yen per session.

I'm concerned about enlarged pores.

If you have such a request, first of all, we will make sure that our massage and machines are suitable for the bride. Please try it to see if there is one.

The areas that take the most time to finish are upper arm/tummy care and facial. This is because your physical condition and skin turnover are involved.


Bridal Menu


◎Upper arm/hammer meat< /p>

→Intensive care with Pyrasword slimming, detox lymphatic massage

◎Pore care

→I perform HydraFacial once every three weeks.

The therapist will consider these suggestions and schedule them by hand.

So the content will be different for each person.

In addition to machines, we also offer slimming lymphatic massage and small face lymphatic massage, which we are proud of. Massage balances both your mind and body and boosts your metabolism. Our store has a pay-as-you-go system, so please feel free to contact us.

In order to make the slimming menu more effective, some of the slimming menus include [3-time plan], [1 There is a monthly unlimited plan, but other than that you pay as you go. There is no need to set up a course and pay a lot of money.


Thank you for your cooperation.


We would like to alleviate the burden on brides as much as possible.

You will come to our store while you are busy with preparations, so please take the time to relax and enjoy the excitement of becoming beautiful. We will do our best to support you so that you can experience this together and become the happiest bride of your life.


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