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NEW [Head Spa to Improve Brain Fatigue] is very popular!

We are THE RELAX SALON, located on the 5th floor of the Kotsu Kaikan Building in front of Nagasaki Station in Nagasaki City.

This blog is about head spa to improve brain fatigue.


Introducing a head spa to improve brain fatigue



In today's information society, brain fatigue is said to be a modern disease.

Do you feel like you are straining your brain by using a computer or smartphone for long periods of time, causing a decline in your ability to think properly and chronic physical and mental discomfort?

This month, we have introduced a new menu, "Head Spa to Improve Brain Fatigue," to help alleviate the "brain fatigue" that approximately 60% of Japanese people suffer from!

New menu: Head spa to improve brain fatigue
Head spa to improve brain fatigue

Our unique technique massages the head muscles, increases the secretion of hormones in the brain, and improves brain fatigue! We aim to regulate the autonomic nervous system, improve the quality of sleep, and recover from physical and mental fatigue.

It also relieves neck and shoulder stiffness, relieves eye fatigue, improves skin firmness and lustre, boosts immunity, and improves scalp condition and hair quality . A 30-60 minute head spa is equivalent to 2-3 hours of REM sleep.

If you are experiencing chronic fatigue in your brain or body, please give this a try.


Head spa for improving brain fatigue (60 minutes)

¥5,940 (usually ¥6,600)


  • Unique sleep-inducing head massage, neck and shoulder lymphatic, and hand massage

  • The acupressure on the head, face and ears and the carbon dioxide bubbles gently stimulate the scalp. A hot eye mask and steam pad warm the eyes and stomach, improving blood circulation and enhancing the effects of the treatment through interaction between the brain and intestines.


60 minutes of DETOX head spa to improve brain fatigue

¥7,500 (usually ¥8,250)


  • Head spa for improving brain fatigue (60 minutes)

  • ★Detox oil is used for neck, shoulder, lymphatic and hand massage.

  • ★Use Heady Marma (head lotion containing plant and seaweed extracts) to improve the discharge of waste products and provide nutrients to the scalp for better condition.


Brain fatigue improvement head spa + selectable body 90 minutes ¥8,745 (usually ¥9,405)


  • Head spa for improving brain fatigue (60 minutes)

  • 30 minutes of body massage (choose from aromatherapy/foot massage/reflexology/hand massage/relaxation) A special 90 minutes massage to thoroughly relax both the head and body




  • DETOX oil ¥1,100

  • Hedi Maruma ¥550

*Included in DETOX Head Spa

Improve your brain fatigue and live a healthy life both physically and mentally!


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