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For summer hydration!

The Relax Salon is open on the 5th floor of the Kotsu Kaikan Building in front of Nagasaki Station in Nagasaki.

This blog is titled "Summer hydration!"

Anti-aging tea SROTASTEE
Anti-aging tea specializing in antioxidants

Anti-aging tea for beauty and health that specializes in antioxidants.

The "diuretic effect" of mineral supplementation and the power of herbs increase "immunity" and make it even stronger Removes "active oxygen" in the body with "antioxidant power".

*Active oxygen... A portion of the "oxygen" taken into the body through breathing is more than normal. To “activate”. It is sometimes called "cell rust" because it reacts with various components in the body and interferes with metabolic activities.

・Easily swollen, easily tired, indigestion, indigestion, vitamin deficiency, etc.

It's easy to drink without any unpleasant taste, so you can also use it with meals.

Hot in winter and iced in summer. It is also recommended for hydration in the upcoming hot season♪♪


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