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Introducing small face lymph and small face poration

THE RELAX SALON is open on the 5th floor of the Kotsu Kaikan Building in front of Nagasaki Station, Nagasaki.


Hello everyone.

``I want to have a smaller face''...This is the eternal wish of us women.I think this is a very important point when choosing a salon.


Introducing recommended menus for small faces


Today, we would like to introduce you to our recommended menu that will help you achieve a "small face".We hope this will be helpful when you are looking for a salon.


Small face lymph nodes


In order to eliminate facial swelling, we encourage the flow of lymph around the décolletage, neck and shoulders, upper arms, and shoulder blades, and promote the removal of waste products from the face.

An all-hands massage will heal and relieve swelling!

small face lymphatic massage
small face lymphatic massage



In addition to introducing beauty serum into the deep layers of the skin using electroporation, comfortable electrical stimulation works on facial muscles and promotes blood and lymph flow! Sharper face lines♪




《Introduction of phosphatidylcholine (fat dissolving serum)》

Approaches fat that is covered with waste products and destroys the cell membrane of fat cells! It dissolves waste products and makes them easier to wash away.

Transported to blood vessels and lymph vessels as free fatty acids and excreted out of the body!When introducing beauty serum through poration, it can be introduced at the same time!《Skin Clear (Japan's first quasi-drug peel-off carbonated pack)》

Utilizing "efficiency-designed carbonic acid," the freshly made carbonic acid enveloping beauty ingredients penetrates into your skin as if it were sucked into your skin!

Achieve a ``tight face line'', ``bouncy firmness'', and ``moisturized skin'' full of moisture.You can freely combine any of them, but if you are having trouble choosing a menu, please choose one that is specialized for [small faces].

“Special small face poration facial 60 minutes” ¥11,000 is recommended!

The combination of [small face lymph] x [poration] x [phosphatidylcholine serum] will lead you to the best small face ever!

In addition, if you add [Skin Clear] as an option, it will become even more special! !First of all, you can feel refreshed just by draining the lymph from your face, removing excess water and waste products, and eliminating swelling! !

Please try it.


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