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Maintenance Hydro Skin Facial is now available!

THE RELAX SALON is open on the 5th floor of the Kotsu Kaikan Building in front of Nagasaki Station in Nagasaki.

This time, we will announce the new maintenance coupon for "Hydro Skin Facial".

Everyone, please check it out.


What is Hydroskin Facial


Hello everyone.

This time, our popular menu [Hydro Skin Facial] maintenance coupons are now available!

Turnover occurs with monthly maintenance It will normalize your skin and lead you to ``transparent, poreless skin''!

hydro skin facial
hydro skin facial


What is [Hydro Skin]?・・

《Pore cleaning/suction (large pore cleaning) ) is the latest beauty device that combines soft peeling (exfoliating).

Point_11100000-0000-0000- 0000-000000000111_1: Clean with serum without using any water.

Point_11100000-0000-0000- 0000-000000000111_2:  While removing dirt with a special tornado water flow, beauty ingredients are delivered deep into the skin.

Point_11100000-0000-0000- 0000-000000000111_3: Skin metabolism increases and turnover normalizes.

In addition to "pore trouble", "skin Improves stiffness, roughness, dullness, etc.♪

Moon according to skin turnover We recommend continuous treatment with 5 to 6 treatments as one course every day!

Maintenance plan to improve your skin quality Would you like to improve it?


Treatment menu


『Hydro skin facial 40 minutes ”

[Regular price ¥6,930]

  • Small face lymphatic treatment 30 minutes

  • Hydro skin 10 minutes< /span>


- Those who visited within 1 month Limited ~

``Maintenance Hydroskin Facial 40 minutes''

[Maintenance price ¥6,485]

  • Small face lymphatic treatment 30 minutes

  • Hydro skin 10 minutes< /span>


*Previous hydro skin treatment Please refrain from using Hydroskin for 3 weeks.)

For new salon customers, ¥6,485 You can try it out!

Please join us to create a "transparent Would you like to aim for poreless bare skin?

We look forward to your use. Masu.

If you have any questions, please contact us. Please feel free to contact us.

THE_11100000-0000-0000- 0000-000000000111_RELAX SALON 095-825-0133


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