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MAJOR Beauty Coffret 2023 has finally arrived!

THE RELAX SALON is open on the 5th floor of the Kotsu Kaikan Building in front of Nagasaki Station, Nagasaki.

Ladies and gentlemen, MAJOR Beauty Coffret 2023 has arrived.


Hello! This is Iwasaki, the owner.

It's November, and it's still hot during the day.

It may be difficult to choose clothes, but let's enjoy fall clothes in style!

Well, finally★

MAJOR Beauty Coffret 2023 is now in stock!

I've been waiting!

Puff puff, dondondon♪

MAJOR Beauty Coffret 2023 is now in stock!
MAJOR Beauty Coffret 2023 is now in stock!

We started accepting reservations from October 3rd, and thank you for making many reservations.We would like to deliver it to everyone as soon as possible.Among MAJOR Beauty Coffret 2023, the most popular one is

Aqua cleansing gel...! !・500g, 2.5 times the normal size!

・Easy to use with pump type!

・Comes with a soothing scent limited to coffretThis is the best↑↑↑Well, once you've used up the regular version you're currently using (because it's a waste), turn it into a coffret to cheer yourself up, gear up, and run until the end of the year!

Don't overdo it, so if you're tired, we're always waiting for you at the salon.That's right, in November

A staff member reported that ``Not only customers' faces but also their bodies are becoming dry.''Indeed, when I look at my own hands, they are slightly dry and cracked...

That's when camellia oil comes into play! Let's talk!

camellia oil

During the treatment, your body will rapidly absorb the camellia oil.

Camellia oil whose main component is oleic acid triglyceride, which is the same as sebum.

Let's create a high-quality sebum film and keep your skin resistant to dryness.

Supplement your whole body anti-aging care with high-quality camellia oil♪

Tsubaki Oil, I'm here!

All of our staff are looking forward to your visit!


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