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March is also coming to an end. The campaign is nearing its end.

THE RELAX SALON is located on the 5th floor of the Transportation Center Building in front of Nagasaki Station in Nagasaki City.

Since this blog is about to end the campaign, I will introduce it again.


Hello everyone!

Temperatures are getting warmer, making it easier to spend the day.

Cherry blossoms are blooming right before your eyes!

And March is graduation season!

Congratulations to all graduates.

Promotion, further advancement and start in a new environment starting in April !

I think your heart is full of anticipation and anxiety about your new life.

For a new start, please come to our store for body and skin maintenance♪


Campaign closes


Well, we are currently hosting it.

March Limited Campaign】

It is very popular with both men and women.

60 minute swelling improvement facial
Swelling improvement facial 60 minutes


~Use detox oil~

『Mukumi Improvement Facial』

60 minutes 6,600 yen (normally 9,240 yen)

  • small facial lymphatic massage

  • exfoliation

  • Poration (introduction of hyaluronic acid)

+¥1,650 to introduce placenta serum OK

Using detox oil, carefully massage your neck, shoulders, shoulder blades, arms, and décolleté! Promotes the discharge of stagnant waste.

In Little Facial Lymph, it relaxes the muscles of your face while hydrating!

With the penetrating power of Poreshon, hyaluronic acid serum is introduced into the deep layers of the skin to achieve “Yun Yun-mi skin.” It relieves swelling at the same time and creates a clear face line☆

Warm whole body lymphatic 60 minutes
Warm whole body lymphatic 60 minutes


~Treatment while warming~

“Warm whole body [on] lymph”

60 minutes ¥4,900 (normally ¥5,610)

  • Aromaline massage 60 minutes

Treatment while warming your body with a steam pad!

Promotes blood circulation and relaxes muscles.

With Aroma Rinpa Massage, waste products that cause fatigue are expelled from the body!

Even your body gets warm and cold♪

There is only one week left for this month .

The campaign price is available until the end of this month, so if you are interested,

Please try it once♪

The entire staff is waiting for your arrival.


#Warm yet

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