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I started a LINE official account.

In this blog, we will introduce an official LINE account that we have opened to improve customer service.


Thank you for always using THE RELAX SALON.

It's still hot and humid during the day, and it doesn't really feel like autumn, but according to the calendar, it's fully autumn!

Autumn for vacations, autumn for sports, autumn for reading...

Autumn is a comfortable season, so it's perfect for starting something fun or new♪


Open LINE official account


For this “autumn”, THE RELAX SALON has started [LINE Official Account]!

More convenient! Save even more! 

We would be happy if our customers could feel closer to THE RELAX SALON through the official LINE account.

We also have special benefits for registering as friends, so please register as a friend.

To register as a friend, please scan the QR code below or

Please enter 【@322amjeh】 in your friend ID search.

I started a LINE official account.


LINE official account friend benefits


Each person can use one of the fall new customer limited campaigns.

1. Aroma lymphatic massage with carbonated head spa 65 minutes” ¥5,500 (regular price ¥6,160)

⇒⇒Whole body aroma lymph x carbonate head

2. “Whitening poration facial 60 minutes” ¥8,250 (regular price ¥10,587)

⇒⇒Small face lymph x poration (hyaluronic acid & placenta introduction) x whitening moisturizing pack

Thank you for your continued support of THE RELAX SALON.


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