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Introducing a plan recommended for the season of fresh greenery with the scent of the wind♪

The Relax Salon is open on the 5th floor of the Kotsu Kaikan Building in front of Nagasaki Station in Nagasaki.

This blog introduces the May limited campaign.


Hello everyone!

May, the season of fresh greenery with the scent of the wind, will soon be halfway through.

The unfamiliar environment, the busyness of the new year, and the hustle and bustle gradually calm down, and when you relax, you may feel physically tired.

If you take a slow look in the mirror, you may notice some skin problems.

May is the season when we tend to feel tired both physically and mentally.

Please take care of your skin and body.

We continue to offer new customer-only coupons and the custom-made plan that started last month. !

Please take advantage of it.


May limited campaign for new customers


“Poration Facial 60 minutes ¥6,600” (regularly ¥8,140)

  • Small face lymphatic massage

  • Exfoliation

  • Poration (hyaluronic acid introduction) + ¥1,650 placenta introduction OK


“Full body aroma massage 60 minutes ¥4,900” (regularly ¥5,610)

  • We will provide treatment focusing on tired areas


◆Recommended for total care◆

“Princess/Lord Course 90 minutes ¥9,900 (regularly ¥11,110)”

  • Back aroma lymph

  • Small face lymphatic massage

  • Poration (hyaluronic acid introduction) + ¥1,650 placenta introduction OK

  • Dry head spa


◆ Custom-made plan ◆

(Applicable to those who visited within one month from the last time)


1. "Facial treatment 60 minutes ¥9,900" (Save up to ¥3,355!) Combine the "Small face lymphatic massage" with the menu below depending on your skin condition.

  • Poration (hyaluronic acid & placenta introduction)

  • Hydrafacial

  • Beautiful skin pack (yogurt pack and carbonated pack are also available)

  • Carbonated head massage

2. "Body treatment 70 minutes ¥5,900" (up to ¥1,992 savings!) Depending on the tired areas of your body

Combine the menus below.

  • Aroma lymph massage

  • Detox oil

  • Neck and shoulder lymph nodes

  • Hand massage

  • Foot pressure point massage

  • Carbonated head massage


We are open with full of energy this month as well.

We look forward to your visit.



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