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MAJOR Coffre ~ Start accepting reservations for MAJOR Coffre

THE RELAX SALON is open on the 5th floor of the Kotsu Kaikan Building in front of Nagasaki Station, Nagasaki.

Today's blog is about accepting reservations for Mayor Coffret.


How is everyone doing?

It's been a pleasant start to October, with a relief from the heat.

Please come and take care of your body and skin this month so that you can fully enjoy the autumn holiday season. Please.


Major Coffret reservations now accepted


Now, from the MAJOR cosmetics handled by our salon, this year's [MAJOR True Beauty Coffret ~ MAJOR True・Beauty Coffret)] has started accepting reservations.

Coffret in 2023 is a decorative art that flourished in France during the era of Louis XV in the 18th century. The design incorporates the Rococo style.

Major Beauty Coffret
Major Beauty Coffret

It is so popular that it is sold out every year, but it is a great gift for yourself and your loved ones who have worked hard this year. Perfect as a gift.


▼MAJOR True Beauty Coffret▼¥36,300


1:Aqua Cleansing Gel 500ml (regular product 200ml)

Skin-friendly cleansing gel based on amino acids


2: Moisture lotion 180ml (regular product 150ml)

Lotion containing gold ion water, hyaluronic acid, and female hormone-like ingredients


3: Nano solution (IC+&D+) 15ml each

Total care for skin concerns with two types of serum


4: Nano Excel Cream 40g (regular product 33g)

Nanoized ultrafine particle cream that absorbs into the skin


Contains original blended aroma scent

(Nano Solution IC+ only unscented)

Reservations start: October 3rd (Tuesday)

Sales start: November 1st (Wednesday) or later

Sale will end as soon as stock runs out, so please make your reservation as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

TEL: 095-825-0133


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