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This is recommended for ``clogged pores'' and ``roughness'' during the rainy season.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is THE RELAX SALON.

We are halfway through the rainy season, and the days are humid.


When clogged pores cause inflammation

During this hot and humid season, sebum and sweat secretion increase, making pores more likely to become clogged.

Are you concerned about dark spots or roughness on your nose during this period?

If you feel that your skin feels rougher than usual...(-_-;), it may be because sebum and dead skin cells have accumulated in your pores...

When dead skin builds up, the pores become clogged, which oxidizes and eventually turns into blackened pores.

When inflammation occurs inside the pores, it can cause pimples and acne.


Effects of HydraFacial

Even if you think you are thoroughly cleansing your skin in your daily skin care routine, there are many cases where self-care is not enough.

In addition to your daily care, why not aim for "smooth, pore-less skin" with salon care?

[Hydrafacial] is recommended for pore problems such as clogged pores! !

What is [Hydrafacial]?

Normalization of turnover through poration
Normalization of turnover through poration

This is the latest beauty device that combines traditional ``pore cleaning/suction'' and ``soft peeling.''

  • Wash your pores with serum without using any water.

  • Special tornado water flow removes dirt from pores while delivering beauty ingredients deep into the skin.

  • Removes dead skin cells from the skin surface and normalizes turnover.

At our store, we have many coupons using [HydraFacial].

  • [New customers] "Hydrafacial (with pack) 60 minutes

  • Small face lymph nodes

  • Hydra

  • Beautiful skin pack

  • “Hydrafacial 40 minutes”

  • Small face lymph nodes

  • Hydra

  • “Pore-less ultra moisturized small face 90 minutes”

  • Small face lymph nodes

  • Hydra

  • Poration (hyaluronic acid & placenta introduction)

  • Whitening and tightening pack

  • Customized facial

(Limited to those who visited within 1 month of last use)

  • Small face lymph nodes

  • Hydra/poration (introducing hyaluronic acid & placenta)/beautifying skin pack/carbonated head will be customized according to your skin concerns.


Please try it according to your concerns.

If you are having trouble choosing a menu, please feel free to contact us.


Our discount coupons are Get "Hot Paper Beauty" from here.

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